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Guiding women of color through the natural hair growth journey!

Belle Bar Organic - The Kitchen Sink

About "The Kitchen Sink"

Belle Bar Organic presents "The Kitchen Sink" 

A beauty university for women of color to learn holistic haircare practices, self-care, and bond over shared experiences. A safe space for the natural hair growth journey.

*At this point, this is just a private community for the members in the Ayurvedic Hair Growth course. It is currently sold out and we are not accepting new members unless you have received a private invitation.

Why You Should Join Me

Why did we name our university The Kitchen Sink? This name stuck out to us for many reasons, it fit right into our unique 3-pronged system on non-toxic haircare products, natural hair education, and community support.

Education - The Kitchen Sink is where most women of color first learn their haircare practices. Having their hair washed by a loved one. We are taking your back to the kitchen sink. Back to day one!

Community - The Kitchen is the meeting ground for family and friends. It's where you gather to talk, eat, show love, hang out and just take care of each other.

Non Toxic Beauty Products - We are a holistic brand with fresh food ingredients, using ingredients you would find, make and store in your Kitchen

Prepare for unlearning of unhealthy practices and mindsets, and then prepare to look at your hair, hair regimen and perspective on your health and beauty differently. 

Welcome to Belle Bar Organic! Welcome to The Kitchen Sink! Welcome to our family!

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